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Candied Bacon

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Candied Bacon is slightly smoky and syrupy. 

“Eat dessert first, life is uncertain” We took this quote literally with our Candied Bacon as you get your dessert…for breakfast! Great with french toast, cinnamon rolls, or donuts!

12 Strips per Bacon Bag. Fully-Cooked & Ready-To-Eat!


Pre-Ordering for Christmas? All Items in Cart Must Be Shipped Together on the Same Date.  



What the heck is a Bacon Bag? 
The Bacon Bag is packed with the 
same fully-cooked, ready-to-eat 
bacon you enjoy at BACON Boise!

How do I eat the bacon? 
Cold - like cold pizza 
Room temp - our favorite 
Warm - ‘til the fat melts 
Microwave: 7 seconds or less
Stove top: 15 seconds or less

How long does the bacon last?
Well, not long if you’re hungry
But if you don’t eat it all… 
Refrigerated: up to 3 weeks
Unrefrigerated: up to 10 days