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Spicy Hot Bacon

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It's Spicy... and Hot!

12 Strips per Bacon Bag. Fully-Cooked & Ready-To-Eat!


Pre-Ordering for Christmas? All Items in Cart Must Be Shipped Together on the Same Date.  



What the heck is a Bacon Bag? 
The Bacon Bag is packed with the 
same fully-cooked, ready-to-eat 
bacon you enjoy at BACON Boise!

How do I eat the bacon? 
Cold - like cold pizza 
Room temp - our favorite 
Warm - ‘til the fat melts 
Microwave: 7 seconds or less
Stove top: 15 seconds or less

How long does the bacon last?
Well, not long if you’re hungry
But if you don’t eat it all… 
Refrigerated: up to 3 weeks
Unrefrigerated: up to 10 days