Our Story

In 1995 John Berryhill cooked his first strip of Berryhill Bacon.

A chef and restauranteur, John Berryhill was voted among the 'Best Chefs of America' in 2013. His recipes and writings have been published internationally, he spent seven years as the KTVB Channel 7 Chef and still serves as a chef for 'BSH Home Appliances Corporation,' makers of Bosch, Thermador & Gaggenau. 

Founded in 1995, Berryhill Restaurant was John's signature restaurant and one of Boise's most popular fine dining hot spots. Guests still long for his Sizzled Shrimp, Kobe Gyoza, Tomato Ravioli, 3 Olive Chicken, Catfish & Grits, Bacon-Kurobuta Etouffee, and whatever Snake River Farms American Wagyu he'd put on the grill. But 20 years was enough, so in 2017 he closed Berryhill Restaurant to spend more time with his family and focus on his newest business... 

In 2011, John opened BACON Boise in one of Berryhill's small, unused banquet spaces. With a light cafe menu and three staff members, the initial goal of BACON was just to pay the rent. Now, 10 years later, BACON is serving over 100,000 guests and cooking over 15 tons of bacon each year. 

Throughout that time, we've received some pretty great media coverage, like Travel Channel’s 'Bacon Paradise 2,' Food & Wine Magazine’s 'Best in the U.S. Mac and Cheese,' 'Go There, Eat That' on ASY‐TV, 'FSR Magazine' for our original Berryhill/Bacon 'Flip' concept, and many more. 

However, after 26 years of business, John knows it's not about 'all that.' It's not about him, it's not about the numbers, and it's not about the bacon. It's about the people. That's why we say... We don't serve bacon. We serve people, BACON. 

We look forward to serving you, BACON.

-BACON Boise