Our Best Selling Dish Jiggles Like Benny Hill!

Our Best Selling Dish Jiggles Like Benny Hill!

Meet our best selling dish, The Benny Hill! 

The Benny Hill is our spin on Eggs Benedict. Instead of an english muffin, a Biscuit. Instead of ham, Berryhill Bacon. Smothered with our Chipotle Hollandaise and served with Breakfast Potatoes and Fried Okra. 

The dish is named after late comedian Benny Hill, who was the first British comedian to attain fame through television and was a major star for over forty years. His loud, visual and bodily humor transcended language barriers, which allowed his show to bloom in popularity throughout hundreds of countries. Among other things, Benny Hill was known for his signature jiggle when he laughed. 

Similar to our famed British comedian, a perfectly cooked, poached easy egg should jiggle when you shake it. And that's why we named this dish... The Benny Hill! 

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