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Big Jake's Berryhill Bacon Pancake Sticks

Big Jake's Berryhill Bacon Pancake Sticks

Known affectionately as the "Bob Ross of Cooking," Jake Fullington, a.k.a. Big Jake, has taken the social media by storm with his down home recipes, authentic personality and undeniable catch phrases. One of Big Jake's most popular recipes of late has been Bacon Pancake Sticks made with, you guessed it, Berryhill Bacon! Already a quick, easy and tasty recipe, our Fully-Cooked Berryhill Bacon made this recipe that much quicker, easier... and tastier! 


Berryhill Bacon, Pancake Mix, Butter, Maple Syrup


Take your desired pancake mix and prepare it per package instructions (make sure it's nice and incorporated). Heat up a griddle or pan to medium heat and melt butter. Heat Fully-Cooked Berryhill Bacon strips on griddle or pan. Pour the pancake mix over the top of the bacon strip so that it completely covers the strip. Drizzle maple syrup on the top of the wet pancake batter (you can add a little syrup or a lot, you do it how you like). Flip your bacon pancake and cook to desired consistency. Serve with maple syrup and enjoy! 

And that's where it's at!

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