3 Most Underrated Items on BACON's Menu

3 Most Underrated Items on BACON's Menu

We understand that our name is BACON Boise! and that many people walk through our doors prepared to indulge in our Bacon Shots, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon Bloody Mary's, and all of our other dishes where BACON shines bright. So when we recommend dishes without bacon it may seem a bit silly. But if you think that's silly, just wait until we recommend a dish where the main character is sausage, another item that is vegetarian and a dessert that is often treated like the consolation prize once the Beignets and Bacon Cinnamon Rolls run out! 

So, with that being said, check out the 3 Most Underrated Items at BACON (a.k.a. the items all of the Bacon Staff order the most, which means they must be good...): 

1. The Monroe

Named after Monroe, Louisiana, where John Berryhill used to sit out on the docks and smoke "picayunes," this Biscuit Sammich is a must try. In between the big biscuit lies two Kurobuta Sausage Patties and two cheesy over easy eggs. Once the sammich is built, it gets smothered with our Southern Gravy and then stabbed through with a knife. 

2. The Oink-less Wrap

Yes, it's vegetarian. But, Oink-less sounds way cooler than vegetarian. Spinach, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, pepperoncini, onions, feta cheese and our Oink-less vinaigrette. All wrapped up in a flour tortilla and served with a side of Fries & Puppies. And if you really want to, steal a page out of John and Gibson's book and add some Bacon, Ham or Fried Chicken! 

3. Fried Bread Pudding

Bread pudding, but better! Brioche bread pudding, cut into cubes, fried to perfection, covered in cinnamon sugar, topped with powdered sugar and homemade whip crème. You just have to try it... 

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